Takamine EG 523 SC (G-Serie)

The Big Fat Mama

Hier ein Auszug aus den Takamine-Seiten:

Body Shape: Jumbo C/A
Rosette: Abalone
Top: Solid Spruce
Inlays: Block MOP and Abalone
Back: Flamed Maple
Sides: Flamed Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Electronics: TK4NT
Tuners: Chrome

Und einige Auszüge aus den Harmony-Central-Bewertungen:
The acoustic/electric EG-523SC  features a robust Jumbo body with ornate  Abalone inlay on the fingerboard and around the soundhole, accentuated  pickguard, binding around the fingerboard (black) as well as the body's  ribs (white). All of this, with a  solid spruce top and figured maple ribs and  back. The neck is a smooth three-piece that plays excellently.
I'm not sure why they chose to forego any headstock binding or a second
strap button near the neck. The  bridge is split between the B and G
strings. This allows for the low E, A, D, and G to be set to a different action  than the B and high E. This is great if you need lower action for solos, but still prefer a higher  action for sound projection on the lower  register strings

For a factory made instrument, this is tops. The workmanship is really
superb and quite articulate, not what you expect  from most Korean
instruments. I was impressed at the clean, sealed edges around the
inlay in the fingerboard...typically a sign of good craftsmanship and
rare in factory guitars.

Takamine EG-523-SC